Shayne & Robert Todkill - 33 Paquita St. Forde ACT

My husband and I are writing this testimonial about Goldruby Homes as we believe its personalised service and support of the building process is second to none...

Matt Smith is the face of Goldruby Homes and works in conjunction with his partner and foremen who are all easily accessible and happy to help throughout the building process.

We are currently launching into building our third house with Goldruby Homes and are extremely excited about the financial position Matt has assisted us in achieving.  We are striving to be mortgage free upon selling our fourth home which will provide us with peace of mind given we have young children.

We have built with another Canberra builder in the past and since building with Goldruby Homes the decision of who to build with is very easy for us – Goldruby Homes every time.

Please don’t hesitate to discuss your building needs with Goldruby Homes as their product maybe just what you are looking for.
Shayne & Robert Todkill


Rose & Tanvir - 21 Kylie Tennant St. Franklin ACT

We would like to express our deep satisfaction and thanks to Matthew and the Goldruby team for building our dream house...

This is the first home that we have built, when we first began considering building a new home we were inundated with horror stories about builders from friends and families.  We were very apprehensive after meeting with a few builders because of the lack of information and details on the entire process. After our first meeting with Matt, we were much more confident and excited about building our home.

We had a pleasant experience during the building process and are very pleased with our home; the quality of the house is outstanding. Matt was very responsive during the building process and took time to answer all questions, we truly could not have asked for more during this entire process and greatly appreciate all of his patience.

We found Goldruby homes to be extremely competitive in price for quality when we compared other builders in Canberra. We believe Matt's honesty, integrity, and dedication truly distinguish Goldruby Homes as one of Canberra’s top builders.

We can't say enough how much we love our new home. All our friends and family also comment on quality of our house and how beautiful it is.

We were also thrilled that construction was completed on time and on budget. We knew from the beginning what we were up for when we signed the contract with goldruby and there were no unexpected extras to be paid for once we reached the end of the construction. We are planning to build another home now and we will surely be happy to build with Goldruby again.

If you haven’t heard of this company because they are not in the display village, do not be deterred. You should go and see why so many like us have chosen to build with Goldruby.

When you choose Matt, you're blessed with a dear friend for rest of your life. We will highly recommend “Goldruby” to our friends, family and any potential home buyer. In fact, we already have!

Rose & Tanvir
0437 493 566


Lee & Shekher - 38 Patrick White Circuit Franklin ACT

I would like to personally thank Goldruby Homes for the exceptional service that we received while building our new home...

Lee's House

Dear Matthew,

I would like to personally thank Goldruby Homes for the exceptional service that we received while building our new home. We wish to express our appreciation, for a process which often provokes frustration & difficulties, we have found to be quite enjoyable & trouble free. We thank you for efforts in helping us get into our house early before the completion date due to some unforeseen circumstances that we ran into.

The quality and the finishes of our home are exceptional just like the ones you had shown us when we were in the process of choosing a builder that would best look after us during our construction.

We have since recommended you highly on numerous occasions and believe you are building for quite a few of our friends and business colleges.

Many thanks once again,
Lee & Shekher


Bobs007 - Homeone Forum

I am building house in Franklin and I will highly recommend my builder - GOLDRUBY- to any one. It is on a 21sq house. It is now on lock up stage. If anyone wants to visit my house, we can make an arrangement. I usually go there on either Sat or Sun...

Builder Matt (Mathew smith) is really trustworthy, flexible and reliable, more over friendly. Mostly, he does repeated business (it is just from my observation). He know value of customer service something is missing in this industry. So he is getting repeated business.

I haven’t heard anything bad on him from anyone so far. My experiences are also really good including his total team (Jas and Joe). My solicitor gave a 5 stars to him!. She has got around 25 years experiences in this industry (Canberra).

I work for Govt and in IT industry; recommended to another three friends and they are also going through GOLDRUBY.

I am not paid to do this testimony. The reason for this testimony is, I spent around 12-18 months in ACT LDA display homes to discuss builders and paid to some money to blo*** builders as advance for discussion and “initial talks”. I gave up twice after paying 500 and 1000. "Admin" fee if you change something from standard. Pre-decided suppliers, else "admin fee". Suppliers are paying "commission fee" to builders. If a doctor is doing this (prescribing medicine with company name), it is illegal. It is illegal. So, there is no authority to question this?

Matt provided space in his garage to put the stuff those got from non-listed suppliers. He is not charging anything to deliver these stuff to the building site. His favor to customer as I know. I am living in Unit now, don't have enough space to put the stuff. So he was helping me. He is doing around 50-100 houses every year in Canberra ACT.

Most of other Builders know you pay for your dream “house”. You think it is just 1K or 2K. Especially in Canberra things are really worse. You have to pay 50K extra than SYD and MELB to build house. Yes it is our “capital”!!

I just want to help fellow Canberrian. That’s all. My house will be finishing in 4-6 weeks time. I will keep you all updated with latest. If anyone would like to talk to me or want to visit my house please send me message.

Whatever I wrote here are completely my views. Purely my view. My experiences may not be repeated to another person, all depending person to person. You should do your own information gatherings, analysis, estimations, expert advice on any builder before you sign the contract. My views are completely my own, it can change at anytime. It is completely ‘personal views’.

Bobs007 - Homeone Forum